Friday 24 February 2023


Chee Kim Teck and his group members during a practical session in physics lab.

He is one of my hardworking, self-disciplined and thankful-minded  students.

下一秒会发生什么事,物理学始终无法揣测 。
Be thankful as we live on, as Physics fail to predict 
the cause and causal effects as times go by.


Folder 2017:
Notice 更新消息

Key: NUY = Not Updated Yet

Free online physics by University of Colorado

 Further Study Interactive 升学情报 


Information listed below will be updated from time to time.
Unsorted videos of physics lessons are available at Lyco Physics youtube.
未经编排的物理课文视频可以参考 Lyco Physics youtube.


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Folder 2013:
Careers Related to Physics and Pure Science 升学资讯:
               Civil Engineering
               Mechanical Engineering 
               Material Science
               Electrical and Electronics Engineering 
               Software Engineering (NUY)
               Telecommunication (NUY)

Folder 2014:
Personal Development 成长岁月:
                 Toxic Person

Folder 2015:
Form 4 Physics Topics 中四物理课文
              Chap 1: Introduction to Physics
              Chap 2: Forces and Motion 动力学
              Chap 3: Forces and Pressure 压力,液压,气压。
              Chap 4: Heat 热能
              Chap 5: Light 光学

Folder 2016:
Form 5 Physics Topics 物理课文
              Chap 1: Waves 波
              Chap 2: Electricity 电学
              Chap 3: Electromagnetism 电动学
              Chap 4: Electronics 电子学 
              Chap 5: Radioactivity 核能量 

Folder 2023
Concept Review


Teknik Menjawab Fizik SPM Format 2021 Kertas 2 Bahagian A

Teknik Menjawab Fizik SPM Format 2021 Kertas 2 BahagianB dan C